Monday, November 19, 2007

Climate Change

HERE is an interesting insight to what people think is happening in the world. When we look at the evidence presented to us by the few dissident voices left, why do people persist in believing in democracy and the power of elected governments ?

It is without doubt the rich that run the world .

Those who have made their money and continue to make it from weapons and oil struggle to maintain their riches. Therefore we must have wars. This helps the rich in a number of ways. Technology, medicine, weapons, petrolieum, clothing, platics, nano technology, nuclear industries, air, transport, logistics are all industries benefiting from war. So to stay rich and keep the investments ticking over, to provide employment in order to produce, and of course to keep the government in your pocket so you can tell them what to do in order to stay rich, so completing the circle, is the aim of most of the haves these days. It always has been, keep the status quo!

Now I am not unwilling to do something about my carbon footprint. I am sure the cyclone that hit Bangladesh is partly my responsibility through my irresponsible use of and response to mother nature while I was more ignorant than I am now.
However suggesting I don't drive for a day or even all 6 billion of us don't drive for a day, would have any impact on slowing down global warming, well you may as well ask me to cut CO2 emissions by not breathing for an hour or two.

If everyone who was so concerned about the Whales, the Tigers, the endangered species, the melting icebergs, the warming seas, the dissappearing flower and fauna could for one moment look at a bigger picture.

Are you ready ?
Here is my suggestion.
Everyone, I mean everyone go to your nearest war zone and plead with the soldiers to drop their weapons, like the Russian mothers did in Chechnia not too long ago. I don't care how you convince them, strip if you want to , offer sex, but get them to drop their weapons.
Now war is over, everyone including the soldiers march on parliment in your local country and insist on a rapid implementation of Solar and wind power in all forms of transport and electrical production cutting out completly the need for the oil industry. If the government refuse remind them who elected them and throw them out of office. Then all of you who have no job because there is no more Technology, medicine, weapons, petrolieum, clothing, platics, nano technology, nuclear industries, air, transport, logistical industries benefiting from war and oil, all of you can be gainfully employed cleaning up the planet, planting trees and finding new ways to recycle all the crap we have produced in the last 150 years that will last for the next 1 000 000 000 years. So I wouldn't think you would have to worry about your pensions.

Why wouldn't it work? You live in a democracy don't you ? Oh yeah I forgot because it would wipe out half the monetary investments that even ordinary middle class people have right? And there is nothing more selfish than the middle class now is there?
See while you are running around making a spectecle of yourself there is at least a billion people out there who don't give a shit. Well, one solution at a time, I reckon this is a good start to solving the crisis of mass murder and suicide that we perpetuate by choosing to believe the government is responsible for change.
It's easy to do really isn't it? Nah I didn't think so either but I figure it's worth a shot to telly you anyway. See if there is a God or Gods and he or she is getting pissed off, at least I can say, 'I told them what to do, they just wouldn't.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Spaceman travelling

So we are back from the Emerald Isle. I remember the family of Americans from 'The Great State of Ohio'...the big guy who had 7 great grandparents from Ireland and one from Northumberland in England. I told him no one is was a joke and they took it well. I told them what to see. We met them later at the giants causeway, a volcanic formation according to scientists. A land bridge formed by warring Giants, according to story tellers. My son told me after his visit he believed in Giants, he didn't before but he does now. We also told him the volcanic bit so I guess he is just humouring me, bless his 7 year old head :0)..
I am charged up like a battery that has been plugged in. I didnt know if it was culture, beer, language, or ancestors talking to me in my sleep, but today I think I figured out a great part of it. There is no space here in Nice. Everywhere you turn there is a wall, or a cliff, or someone in the's bitty, narrow, and I am of the opinion sometimes the people are too. It's not that I blame them, but there is much less cordiality here, much less looking out for your fellow human being...much less space in the hearts of men and women for the men and women around them. I am not blaming, just observing, noting, and trying not to make it change me.
We are taking it easy now, my son is back with his mother...Myself and Aqua have opportunities to go out but prefer to take it easy. We have had enough moving around today. Music shops, and supermarkets. No room to move in the supermaret. Completely jammed as if food was not going to be there on Monday.
Music shops crammed, each expert in each shop with a different opinion. Obviously the one we go back to will be the guy who had most space in his shop, most time for us and was most helpful.
I wonder why when a guy has to make a living he doesn't try to be nicer or more helpful. Some people just don't get how it works. It was in fairness exactly the same at home. I had purchased a new phone and once I crossed the border it ceased working. Then it switched itself off and I couldn't get it to operate. When I came back south it worked perfectly. It took me a phone call, a trip into town, a shop, another phonecall, a walk down town, another shop and eventually the defective phone was replaced. No free credit. No sorry, no nothing. Just completly normal. So Mr O2 and Mr Nokia, if anyone asks I won't be recommending you.
We now feel spaced out. Running beckons tomorrow, but I would rather sleep. Maybe I might get to swim. No pressure thats the main thing.
Winter is setting in, it's already dark by 18:00 but it's warmer than at home, but only just. My ancestors see me. I feel them... birthdays and christmas looming... time to start making space of a different kind.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It doesn't rain in Ireland

Well we have been here a week already. My folks have moved to basically the middle of nowhere. I know the people who live there think it's the center of the universe, but I have been to the center of the universe and beyond and I promise you, this green valley in Ireland's Golden Vale, is not it. It's not far from it, but it's not it.
The new house is wonderful.
The cousins the brothers and sisters the sons and daughters, all dressed up with face paint, the house was decorated, we sang and ate, and ate and sang. The young ones called on doors, collected sweets, fruit, and money. They were chased by a mythical police man who was called by a crazy old man who apparently wasn't fond of halloweeners.
The difficult part of the trip is over, all those I had a duty to see have been seen. We bent timetables and ourselves out of shape, trying to accommodate the time tables of others. Really we just want to be with those we love and those who love us.
We head north tomorrow, passing close to more ancestors, and living relatives, to see the place where the giants lived.
Today finally it is a dirty day. The rain is fine, a mist almost. Just that bit heavier that it falls. The drops are so numerous and so minuscule they penetrate the all but the most impermeable fabric. ......
The green rolling countryside eases my eyes, my son is hyper as if the energy of the land is flowing through him.... my loved ones are truly beautiful...
7 days here and only 1 day of rain. It's almost as if it doesn't rain in Ireland.

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