Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wow the little one is one. The big one is growing fast.

I have joined a triathlon club and I had an ingrown infected toenail which they treated without anaesthetic...

I can tell you I am not showing the other photos I have of it. It was extremely painful before, and during, but now it's fine.
I am also learning to swim properly now with my club. The breathing is bit hard but I will get there. I am enrolled for a sprint race at the end of March. I don't think I will be ready as I haven't been running at all. But I will give it a shot. I am going to focus eventually on very long distance but a sprint will at least tell me where I am at.
That's it that's my gorey news. :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 and what my year may bring

I have been debating with myself if I should continue to blog here. I am trying to write my book and not having much free time at the moment, it seems not really feasible to try to do the two.
However just now I have a free moment. I thought I would update what I expect from this year.
I have fallen into a pond of positivity lately. I am making things happen around me. Some good things have happened that I cannot divulge but financially I am just a little better off.
I am waiting for my lawyer to ring me so I know what the decision of the judge was.
I am re learning how to swim with my triathlon club and it's the first time I have had swimming lessons in over 30 years, and it's really hard to try to relearn something I was doing all by myself.
My shoulder hurts like hell lately from the effort but it's all good.
I have run once, last week and will starting stretching a bit more.
I am on the bike a little bit, so maybe this year I will get a race in and I can finally really call myself a triathlete.

A new job for both of us in my couple would be fun, helpful and good so steps are being taken to organise that. Lover is feeling down, guilty , and pretty bad about herself. I guess a combination of baby blues, some shame at loosing her job and turning 40 all around the same time have taken their toll. She is a little fearful. I try to reassure her, get her positive and boost her up. We all need her to be happy but I understand that is something that cannot be forced. Love sometimes is a commitment and requires us to give of ourselves to support the other.

My son is growing, my daughter is gorgeous, I am a very happy and content father. This role suits me. I wonder about boys lack of discipline and how I can give him some. Perhaps I let him have too much choice and should impose stricter time tables.

I am quite positive about my professional, and physical future. Sure there are issues, there are always issues but I am more than a survivor. I am fighter, doing, make it happen kind of guy and I have been missing that part of myself for so long.

I read a report lately and I am very touched by it. The Church in Ireland has been pretty awful and this one guy in this report has taken a stand. I expect many others to follow but given most grave yards are 'Hallowed ground' I wonder where people will be buried.  I am very touched by this story, given my own experiences in the church. I just thank the stars I am away from all of that now. I find my own God in my own way following the path before me.
I wish this man and his partner a well, happy and rich life.

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