Friday, October 26, 2007

The homeland

It's late. I still have to pack. My darling boy is restless behind me, he can't sleep. He is too excited at the prospect of grandparents cousins and freinds whom he hasn't seen for 16 months. I am writing directly into blogger always dangerous but I am pressed for time. My illness has left me bereft of energy. Even though I am over the worst the recovery period is interesting. I don't think I have ever eaten so much protien, and a forest of vegetables wouldn't be safe the mood I am in.
My lover is speaking to her mother in Italy. I can feel my ancestors getting excited as they know I am coming. (yes I know I could get locked up for saying it out loud but I feel it anyway so there :@) ).
I need to touch the ground and taste the damp air. It has been raining here for a few days... uncharacteristically , but at 14 degrees centigrade in the morning, it's like a spring day in Ireland. I expect us all to be very cold very wet, very happy and have a great time.
After a real halloween we will visit the dead on November 1st I will introduce them to my lover of two years and re-introduce them to my son. Yes I am wacko at times but reason it out anyway you like, it's something I have to do. I am meeting people on blogger land who move me in different ways. I am also trying to meet some old friends when I get home. I will find out if they are freinds or just people I used to know.
I probably won't blog when I am away ......but who knows.....
Keep in touch.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So this is 40?

Ouch, Cramps like I have never experienced from the waist down. My head in under water, far under. I am sweating and cold. I have a fever. Upset stomach. Aches. Heavy limbs. Have seen the doc 3 times. Flu like head. Can't think straight. Hadn't sleept right for 4 nights then slept 14 hours. Slept again today, will go back to bed now. YUCK.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am off sick from work. Some sort of viral infection.
The first batch of drugs didn't work so now I am more.
It's exhuasting.

Finally I passed my driving test on the second attempt. It was Sep 28t 2007.
My brothers birthday is that day.

My meal for my own birthday was a resounding success with plenty of requests for recipies and plenty of ooohs and ahhs for the special fruit filled baked Alaska in both chocolate and vanilla flavors.

I have been gifted a bike, by the efforts of my loved one who got in touch with everyone and asked them to contribute to a common gift if they wanted. It was obvious a bike was coming but how it was to happen I didnt know.
I am very very grateful.

Now my training for a triathlon can really happen.

I am thinking of Burma.

I am sensing things I don't understand.

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