Monday, April 04, 2005

Learning the diff

Now I know most of the readers of this here blog will have no idea whatsoever about what I mean when I mention the diff. The Diff, in Dublin means the difference, people will be heard to ask "Do you not know the diff ye thick shite ye." Now there are many sites that deal with Dublinisms and Irishims, many of which I detest because they are racist in base, and not humourous. Yes, there is a huge diff between the two. (Or as some in Dublin might say, What's the diff ? It's still bleedin funny ye know"). Yes I know and there is a diff and if you don't bleedin know it don't bleedin ask, cause I might bleedin tell ye, ye know?
Anyway after having a laugh at the french over the last couple of days I felt compelled to show that I can laugh at me own too, (anyone checking the grammar here, please note I'm writing in Dublin English and therefore the use of me instead of my is perfectly viable, acceptable, allowed, correct, and dublinesque).
So a friend who rarely emails me, sent me a link today where I read the following

2 oul ones having a chat just outside McGrath's pub in Drumcondra - obviously been living in the area all their lives when one remarked to the other "...sure all them blacks and chinese and russians - they all look the same to me..."

Now if you don't find it funny then I guess I just have too much of the black stuff in me. Anyone who doesn't understand this posting please email me or leave a comment and I will explain in full.

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