Monday, August 01, 2005

Giving UP

For a month I talked about it. Nobody believed me. I gave up smoking on August 1st, in fact my last ciggarette was July 31st. It's driving me nuts, I can't sleep and I know this is the hard part. Oh well nothing like cold turkey to sort you out now is there. Is there?

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Steve said...

I started smoking late and finished early, so my experience was not the same as yours will be. If you started when you were 15 or so, the most difficult part will be changing your conception of your life and your whole mode of adult social interaction. Cigarettes are the only product I can think of that lead to the consumer's death when used exactly as the manufacturer intended.

After the dizziness and the headaches wear off in two or three weeks, psychological issues will take centre stage. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you will get unhooked, then be able to have a cigarette every now and then with friends. The key words are "never again". Those friends might not be your friends in the future. You must look at your whole life and how you want to live it differently, i.e. in good health, with no "monkey on your back" as my father used to say after he quit smoking. Soon you'll start to wake up in the morning feeling fresh, rather than feeling that you have an anvil on your chest. If you play any sports, play more of them. That will give you incentive. Just not the "sensations fortes" sports like rock climbing and downhill skiing. They attract smokers.

And the next time your ex does something that gets you angry, remember that reaching for a cigarette only adds a problem and doesn't remove any.
Bon courage !

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