Monday, November 14, 2005

The Public wants the trouble to stop! Which Public?

You have heard a load of crap about these riots. There must be a lot of slow news days and there certainly is a lot of racist, inaccurate, and ingnorant reporting going on about what is happening. Yes there are some who are out on the street for the sheer badness and devilment of burning and causing mayhem but believe you me, this doesn't happen by accident.
Firstly this is not and I have to make this clear, this is not about immigrants. It is not about non-French people. You who are the regular reader of this blog may remember the stories I have told about my Arab friends and how little they have.

You won't know however about my experiences teaching the students of rich parents who are in the private business schools. Teaching the girl with white skin, brown eyes, blonde hair, who is in tears. She is in tears because although she is one of the best students in the school, she knows that people will recognise her name as being of Arab origin. She won't get a job in France. That is the reality.
Another friend who was told that her degree in Civil engineering that came from Algeria was not acceptable in France, this friend incidently was born in France and holds a french passport.

A young handsome man speaks out during one class when I touch on the subject of racism and what it is. He says he is fed up with listening to his friends talk about the dirty arabs, and then later they say to him 'oh not you' the others. They forget he is Arab because he does not fill the inherited untruthful steryotype. They forget he is French. He is clean fashionable and articulate, how could he be arab?

Neither are they Irish nationals who by law of the EU have the same rights and entitlements of French people, but who are not given them by the civil servants who do not know EU law.
Neither are they the men who are told to leave the family home, who are working partime and borrowing off friends and family who live abroad to survive while the French government gives them 35 euros to pay their rent and nothing else. And that only after a struggle.

Neither are they the girl who is here illegally. Who used to be an engineer in Algeria. She is not french. She has no rigthts. She gets a job in Monaco. During ramadan her 75 year old employer tells her to sleep with him or to go. She tells asks him how he dare to even bring the subject up during Ramadan. Needless to say the job doesn't last long. She has nowhere to stay. I put her up for a few days and when she leaves my place it is cleaner than when I moved into it.
I don't see her again but the latest is that she has a frozen arm muscle from cleaning for someone who refused to pay her.
In fact all of these people are the public who want it to stop so which public is doing it?

Do you understand what I am saying? Do you have any fucking clue how hard it has been? I stayed for my son and you could even help me with that and fuck it I am white. Imagine how the non white feel?

Well I was told a story one time of an American woman who was here and while at a dinner she addressed a French national.
What is it like to be an African American ?, this is what she asked him.
" I am not American" he said.
She was flustered. "What is it like to be an African French?" she then asked.
"I wouldn't know"he said. "I am not African".

So which public want it to stop? The Government have just been given 50million euro by the EU.
I think the riots are a waste of time and badly organised and if they get organised then God help France.There is already a dearth of Liberty Fraternity and Equality. Some don't feel the same way I do, and some feel it's beginning to work. Yes there is a malaise and it's killing society.

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