Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Has someone been lying?

So a military transport plane hits a block of flats and the block of flats is still standing? Now what happened if an ordinary transport plane hit a much bigger building. ? Can anyone explain?
I also want to know why I discover in the same week, that Syria apparently killed the Lebanese prime minister, a Lebanese student killed Israelis in Argentina 10 years ago and that the CIA have secret prisions?
Lastly I want to know why the CIA train these prisioners, dress them up in arab clothes and send them out to Attack westerners and even the USA. Kinda Dumb thing to do if anyone found out really. But no one could find out,....could they? I mean if they found out their faces might look a little like Ms Rice's face has looked lately , sick as a dog and very let down. See you can tell all the lies you like, you just can't hide you are hiding something.
So after my post about George smiling he stopped, is it too much to think that after my post about lying they will tell the truth. I live in hope.

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