Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's Happening?

On a personal level I continue to be an Irish guy plagued by English people who should know better. At 'The Lord of the Dance', Show on Saturday night, a woman with an English accent kept commenting through the performance. When the female soprano was on Stage singing, the woman somewhere behind me starting making jokes about the words in the song. I had (as usual) had enough. I turned when the song was over. Without thinking I spoke to her in her own accent, 'Are you going to talk all night? ' , 'I beg yer pardin?'She replied. 'Would you please Shut up?' I replied.
I turned away sufficiently pissed off till I heard a male voice over my other shoulder. 'Merci'. I was truly glad. Sometimes I wonder why I let it get to me. Sometimes I wonder why I always have to be the one to say what everyone else is thinking.
The show was great fun, but lacked an easy to follow thread in the first half. Either tell a story or don't. Don't half do it.
At 10 euro for a program and 30 euro for a CD, I was embarrassed to be Irish, and Mr. Flattley? No wonder you are ill charging those prices, shame on you.
On a more serious matter, some of you know I comment on International affairs from time to time. Here is the following for an Irish News site.....Lebanese Minister assassinated. I don't suppose the implied warning would be from the Syrians, to the U.S. who have 'asked' them not to get involved in Lebanon's affairs? Mr. H and Mr. Z, I hope your families are safe and well.


Elizabeth Flakes said...

I have followed Lord of the Dance from Canada to Mexico, From Austria to Germany and all over the USA for the last 6 years. The story is a pure simple one: good vs evil--and anything worth having is worth fighting for. These kids are fantastic and the show is perfect. I am traveling from just south of Atlanta to the Vancouver area in a couple of weeks--the show is more than worth it--too bad you were worried over the money spent and not watching the show or you would have seen perfection. JoeJoe

Supernaturally Sagittarius said...

You haven't posted in a while, I miss you. I started a new blog, www.inthisrage.com
I like your last blog, as I too always seem to be saying what others are to scared to admit they even thinking.

Warrior said...

Thanks Elizabeth for your comment. Too bad you were worried about the bad press rather than reading and understanding the post. No, the show, while good is definitely not more than worth it. There are quite a few better shows out there, the original Riverdance being one of them. Let me reiterate I watched the show, I know exactly what it was about and Mr Flattley may be a dancer but tis clear neither you nor he are story tellers. Enjoy the rip off while it lasts. Maybe reading the Lebanese post in the article might give you a bit of perspective.

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