Thursday, January 03, 2008

What I did and Where I am going.

Well that was a pretty decent festival season. We ate duck cooked by me and shared with a friend on the 23rd.
(Try balsamic vinegar, sugar, thyme, red wine. Boil it down to almost a treacle and spread it beside the bird. )
That was our Christmas day with my son. Later that week his mother forced him to ring me to tell me he would be bored in Italy. How do you deal with a 7 year old and teach him that plans made should be honoured? Hmm anyway. Then on the 25th with our friend still here, I cooked Boar, Venison, Ostrich, (just a little of each. My partner cooked in between days a really good sea food pasta and king prawns. We put on a lot of weight :-).
Finally with my boy we drove for 4 hours to Livorno, I did a Christmas shopping for her mother, It was a damn expensive present but she can hardly afford to heat the house, so we filled her fridge a second time :). That made me feel damn good. We ate later in the week with her sister. Real Tuscan stuff, Oil, tomatoes, chicken marinated in white wine and citrus fruits.. ahhh. We went to Colodi, the home of Pinocchio, not the Disney version, the original version. I was gently impressed at the lack of kitsch and the presence of very artistic statues and gardens. Then her father cooked for us many many different dishes. Wine was plentiful. On new years eve we let off fireworks. On New Years day finally my Son and I got to fulfill our ambition and climbed the tower of Pisa. The cost was astronomical, the view astounding, the feeling bizzare and the experience for me was well worth the wait.
Where I am going in 2008? Well I have got myself into a pickle by saying I would at some stage do an iron man.
So baby steps. I have enrolled for my first 10km race. I am very slow, it will take me an hour if I finish at all :-) I swam 500m today, and I have promised to go for a cycle next Sunday. So by the end of the year. I should be able to enroll for the half Iron man in 2009 in Monaco. I know why not this year? Well it takes a lot of time, I have no coach, and it's expensive. Still baby steps.
Love to you all and a great new year. Climb those towers and run those races and achieve your dreams. :-)


gypsy-heart said...

Well, Warrior I am here. I like what I read. You seem to be a seasoned traveler...and as I said a free spirit. I have been to Italy twice (2006 & 2007) to plein air paint. Can you believe I had never flown before...that is so me though.
I will be checking back to read about your adventures and your iron man journey. I am a walker for I am not into pain. :)
Thank you again for visitng me.
Ps Did I see Engish teacher? Oh god..please forgive all spelling and grammar errors now and in the future. Try not to hate me.

Loving Annie said...

Cooking, Livorno, Christmas shopping, climbing the tower of Pisa, swimming 550m and cycling next Sunday. Plan for half of an iron man in Monaco in 2009 - the baby steps are the way to go !

The issue is his Mom - not your son. Your son adopts what she instructs at that age about honoring plans...

Warrior said...

Your english is fine by me :) You are so welcome :)

Warrior said...

annie, you are so right and I so know it. I still stay calm. Hate is not a way forward, but certain people are convinced I have to hate my son's mother. That is just too wierd for me. Bless you. By the way your house is not just comfy it's a palace. :)

Miladysa said...

"Real Tuscan stuff, Oil, tomatoes, chicken marinated in white wine and citrus fruits.. ahhh"

mmmm ;)

Warrior said...

Hi Gypsy hear, welcome, don't worry about your English grammar, mine is atrocious :-). Hi Annie, yep baby steps and yes the mother stuff..
Miladysa, all good food :-) Welcome

Warrior said...

See I write stupid things like hear, instead of, here!

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