Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have been slipping up on the blog. The news about my body doesn't seem to be good. Firstly it's all in french so its not as apparent as it might be, or I understand completely correctly and I am fucked. I have a necrose at the top of each femur, I have a little nut or grain of calcium on the 11th and between the 4th 5th vertebrae, and the disc for 4 and 5 is fucked with 5 having a nice crack in it. Then there is subsequent damage around that area that is playing with siatica.........ouch.

Haven't got over the robbery yet, I am so bummed about the bike being stolen and the tent.

The appartement the one we are buying, needs re-wiring, we have been quoted 14,000, then 10, 000 and I know we can get it much cheaper, if we can find an electrician.

Problem here people fleece each other, there is no such thing as honest and honourable work.....God I am so innocent.

Boy has taken to contradicting and lying about everything which I find stressful.

Ex has fucked up the holidays again.......and I don't mean just once when I say again. She changes her mind daily.

Iron Man is on today in Nice, I haven't moved near it. I am sore, and a little scared. I guess if I was healthy I would have been down there, helping even, but I am not. I really don't know if my body is going to let me do what I want it to. I am reading Moncia's report, ( I just want the Tattoo ) it's inspiring but, I don't know how I am going to do it right now. Next goal this year was a Marathon, I had enrolled.....but I wont be running one this year I think. ......

My brother arrives tomorrow from the States, looking forward to seeing him and the family, even if the holiday plans have been screwed. ...
Oh Bugger.

Oh well at least the Euro 2008 football has been immensely entertaining, look at the Russians, who would have thought they would make the semis?


Miss AJ said...

I like the green border, lovely and fresh. Sorry life is not treating you kindly, bones are so fundamental and so difficult to treat. I hope they find some solutions for you.

I know your boy is 8, I have always found 7 year olds difficult. Old enough to be very contradictory and challenging but not old enough to understand the consequences. The big ones have their moments too when they are tired.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry your back is killing you, my fella had a collapsed cartiledge between 4 and 5 and he was in agony... reduced to crawling around screaming at one stage. I know how hard it can be for you and your family so I'm wishing that it mends for you soon.

Your basement was broken into? Scabby feckers! I hope you catch 'em.

monica said...

collie!!! thought of you sunday when i read about ironman nice!! i wondered if you had gone to spectate. i spent the day following all the bloggy peeps who were doing ironman coeur d'alene here in the states. sadly our girl tea fell ill and wasn't able to finish. head over to her blog and give her some love for sure!!!

oh man, i wish a heap of pain on the asshole who stole your bike AND your tent and i can totally understand your anger there!!

as far as the physical pain, i hope that the doctors are able to find you some relief now that you have a diagnosis. be patient, my friend. it's not worth it to your long term health to push it now and never get these back issues sorted out. maybe no ironman just yet, maybe no marathon, but be patient and you will find joy in your small victories over this pain!!! and don't forget that you already have a coach. plus, i need to wait a year to pay off brasil and then i'll be ready to head to nice annd race with you!!

as far as the little one goes, he's just going through the motions of being an 8 year old. be as patient with him as you can. hugs, lots of hugs which i know you freely give. just keep giving hugs....

but hey, you're buying a place. now that's some awesome news!!!!

blog when you can. no pressure. we're always here to read when you're ready.

Warrior said...

Now wait a minute, you guys are just gonna make me cry. Thank you all so much for the support. HOnestly it's what I need. Many hugs and kisses to you all.

Tea said...

With being sick and travelling, I've fallen behind on your blog.

I AM so sorry to hear about your bike and your injury/issue. Kids...they know what buttons to push. They really do. Our boys are 14 and 12. I remember our dr telling us that at 8 and 9 years old, their bodies are getting ready for the big changes. But no one tells you that they go through these mood swings and character changes at those ages. It is such a challenge. I used to tell myself that they would do it because they were testing me. They wanted to know if I would love them no matter what. I know it sounds silly, but it got me through harder times.

About your Nice invitation. I'd hadn't thought about that, but it is a very good idea. I don't know if you know this but I spent ALOT of time in St. Germain-En-Laye. (I used to work there). I love France, but it helps that I can speak the language. :)

As for YOU doing Ironman?
Je crois en toi.

Warrior said...

Hey Tea, moi aussi, je crois en moi et en toi. Merci pour toute,. I write really badly in french :-) But I speak colloquially. ( not always the best way to fit in hihihi). Thanks a lot for everything. wow I feel really supported by all you guys.

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