Saturday, June 06, 2009

Where are we going?

It's June 6th. Last night I rang Boy. He was in the bathroom so I rang back 20 minutes later. I got curt hello, then a 'could you call me tomorrow I am watching a documentary?'.. .....'Oh! Okay. Is it 'Home'?' 'Yeah', 'Ok, love you lots speak to you tomorrow, the whole world is watching it!' 'Love you too'...

So finished the call between a 9 year old boy and his father. .. . .

Today I have done some weight training, some stretching and once again I am going to try to restart running. I have been doing what's called core excercises for a few days now. Trying to get rid of a beer/wine belly after a year of no excercise is not easy. I took on a few kilos but I am slowly and surely getting back into shape.

I keep thinking I should write a book about all the relationships I had.

The urge to tell stories and write and direct etc; won't go away now. Now I am more relaxed in France even if disenfranchised, I can't vote either here or at home, I am finding my old spirit coming back in.

The only way to look is forward.

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