Sunday, September 20, 2009

Proof that excercise works...

So this is the difference that 100 days makes, or a summer. At the start of June I started a work out. I started because I needed to build strength so I wouldn't get hurt like I did last year, and end up totally incapacitated for a few weeks, and not be able to do any sports for a few months.... This is the result of my efforts.


Please note there is no trick photography. I am more tanned, I have lost 6kg in rougly 110 days. I cut down on the alcohol, I cut out white bread totally, I cut out startchy foods, like pototoes and pasta in the evening, I drank more water, and ate more fruit.  I still have some way to go. One thing is sure, the discomfort I am in now before surgery I am facing next Friday, would have been a lot more intense if I hadn't built up my core muscles. It's not so easy to move my head, so I can get up and out of bed by pulling on my stomach muscles. Once I am fixed and back running I will post another photo after my next 50 day session. I know I am not Addonis, ( or Addidas hihi) but I like that I am getting fit. It helps the mind too.


Emmanuelle said...

well done Collie !

wish you the best for your surgery on Friday,

meanwhile enjoy your birthday with yours Kids & Lover,

" Bon Anniversaire "

Love, Emmanuelle

Krista said...

Wow looking good for reals! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Fair play to you! Shed loads of energy you gained too, I bet. Best of luck to your neck for Friday :)

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