Thursday, October 15, 2009


My arms feel like rubber. I feel like I am one of those nodding dogs. You know when I was 7 years old my parents went to the U.S.A. They brought me back an alabaster football player with a spring for a neck. It was fun. I think he had a red jersey, touch his head it would bobble up and down. Touch mine it will just fall forward.
I got the xrays back too. So here is another question. Anyone interested in seeing what they did to me on the inside?
Booboo is ill. She has rhynolaryingitus.....I haven't a clue how to spell it and I am too feeble to bother looking. She is a trooper but gosh it's a heart breaker to see her so ill.


Garen (gfd) said...

Glad your recovering. Enjoy your trip to Ireland. Have a Guinness for me.


Emmanuelle said...

hello Colm ,

hope you re getting better and better ! and Baby too :-)
enjoy your stay in Erin anyway
take care :-)

Warrior said...

Yes Garen i will and I will have one for me too :-).

Yes Emma getting better, all will be good. Thanks.

Thank you both for your support

worldgoesround said...

your blog is cool because it is like reading some stranger's journal.
what blogs SHOULD be!
i love eavesdropping on someone's inner thoughts. don't yoU?

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