Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Race coming up

Now that I am back to health I have been training. Swimming and learning to swim correctly, running a little and out and about on the new bike a bit. I have been enrolled by the triathlon club into my first Triathlon race in the  mountains near Nice, in a town called Carros..
I have to bike 1.4km up a steep hill to the swimming pool , run up about 50 steps to the pool proper and dive in and swim 200 meters, then bike 16.4 km then run 4k. It will be chilly, I will wear a tri suit, I will be pissed off on the run I imagine, given how I feel after training at the moment.
But I am doing it, that is the main thing, I am going to finish it........then I will post a report here, in this old space where I pass by from time to time, leaving some thoughts on the table or sideboard for passers by to consider.....
Lets not search for problems, lets just find solutions.

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