Sunday, September 04, 2011

First Run

So it's nearly the Rentrée. Tuesday Boy goes to second level school and the emotions have been a bit high. Yesterday we headed off Father and son to a sports shop that was closing down to see were there any deals. I picked up a much need compression sleeve for my still sore knee. We got him a cool keyring and two keys cut so he can come and go as he pleases after school. Living with his mother, he passes our home on his way there. So he can come in a wait till his mam is finished work.

I had my first run. I went up hill. I still have that twinge in my knee. I wore the compression sleeve, when the pain got more than a twinge I turned back. I am guessing it's ligaments, but to be honest I haven't a clue. I am now anxious to meet the podolog and get my feet and shoes fitted.

I had been feeling ropey all week. I had some stomach bug that made the world drop away from me every morning and my stomach feel upset all day unless I had food in it. It seems to be fine now, but I was belching a lot and feeling like I wanted to puke. It was either something I caught from the bike bottles or the swim last Sunday..

Today was the Tristar 1 100 10, another race I had considered this year and another one not completed. It matters little, my goal now is Ironman 2012. If I have to do it on one leg, I will.  I still might make the olympic distance in Cassis in October, it depends on the finances. But lets hope I have the swim and run up to speed. It's not about competing just completing. 


Beth said...

Sounds like acid reflux or perhaps an ulcer. get it checked out if you don't feel better soon.

Good luck with the races.

Warrior said...

hey there Beth,
Definitely not acid, no burning, none of that taste, but ulcer a possibility. However all seems okay since Friday so no panic. I have enough wrong with me already. :-)

Anonymous said...

Be sure to rest up mr. Are you eating too many high starch carbs? there flmaes for the fire :P


Warrior said...

Nope: I cut the starches out almost completely. I eat meat as in chicken fish, beef,turkey, and occasionally pork, veg lots, fruit lots. Occasionally like maybe twice a week some cheese. and only on sports days, would I have rice or pasta and that is not very often either, maybe twice a month. I had a heavy foot injury as a teenager, and it was not treated correctly, it affected my posture and I am pretty sure it's where the injuries come from, coupled with bad form perhaps, and some other stresses on my body from allergies and asthma.

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