Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Womens Day

Okay so I am pissed off. Pity it takes International women's day to get me back in the saddle to write this blog. So I sent an email today to all the women I work with. I said "Well it's your international day, so Happy day and well done and congratulations on all your achievements to date. "

I did mean it in the best way that I could mean it. I do understand the frustration and I am (contrary to popular belief) a feminist. Not a raging liberal but just someone who doesn't agree with the differences we impose on ourselves. I meant I know women are treated like shit the world over but I dont' support it. I meant I admire (even more so in this part of the world) that you run the gaunlet of eyes everyday judging your physical shape and wondering what you are like in bed. I am aware you are taken on your appearance and the size of your boobs rather than the phd you have in computer science.
I know a lot of men have walked away from the responsibilities of fatherhood and left you holding the baby, literally. I know you have been raped simply becauase of your gender. I know you have been killed, disposed of like rubbish, hidden, beaten, mistreated, poisoned,disregarded, shouted down, ignored, beaten again, whistled at, abandoned, abused, forgotten and all because you are a woman. So those of you who live in fear of it, who have come through it, survived it, gotten over it, done something about it, done nothing about it, I say happy day to you. I admire you, well done.

Your sex has an international day and I think it's great. Mine doesn't but before you tell me Men don't need one they have all the power. ....... I say Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist and a man. I am a man but I couldn't paint if my life depended on it. And maybe not just because they are men but many men have endured and suffered exactly the same list as above. We all live in a world where some are more equal than others.

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