Monday, April 03, 2006

Blogger time

So I haven't written for a while. Well since the move in with the girlfriend to a bigger and better place, the goodbye to the box I was living in that was in hindsight, well and truly a kip, I can honestly say that what drove this blog initally, it's reason for existing if you will is no more.

However new reasons are developing.

Without going over old ground, almost everyone I knew who supported me and backed me in my time of need are no longer around. The Muslim Algerian girls are gone, well one of them moved to school in Lyon, and I promise you, if you are seeking a civil engineer this woman is for you. The other has decided to study English literature. Ken the friendly crusty but benign American, had to return to the States, put his aged mother in a home, bury his cancer ridden sister, get pissed off with his usless brother in law and is now in Denmark soon to be Croatia.

There are other people, the basketball player who I felt really let downby, the Columbian who just isn't in touch anymore. The russians. My ex neighbours who in turn split up and are now living through what I did.
I wouldn't wish it on many people to be honest. But I notice how I have changed. How I am growing once again in my life. How I constantly loose contact with people, or they move on, or I get careless. How the wheel and spiral of life conspire and turn and then how a friend rings you out of the blue past, and tells you
"sorry I couldn't ring my chemo was too hard". ..........Makes ya realise how lucky we all are.

It's been a year now since I have been home. My son will be 6 next week.
I still have debts, haven't written my film, haven't sorted out my driving licence but by god I am alive, don't let me waste it.

What am I going to write about now? The big book deal that will never come? Porn, just to get visitors? More observances on why French people strike against a new law for working contracts brought in by a stubborn government and why Irish people don't strike? Or maybe the film I am still not writing?

Or perhaps why my son asked was Chirac in Fashion because he is always on TV and when questioned and asked did he know who George was, he replied 'A Muppet' Out of the mouths of babes.........
For anyone who still pops in, it will be easter soon, don't forget the chocolate. :)


Anonymous said...

:-) great you´re fine, pleasant blog! and thanks for reminding of the chocolate.

Warrior said...

thanks but I don't know who you are, plenty of chocolate here.

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