Thursday, June 21, 2007


I have often heard stories about how people in china wear red to funerals, or make loud music. While in Ireland they used to hire people to cry and then have the mother of all parties. I am here watching and learning the body language. I had a mesh put in my hair and not one guy told me I was gay(standard Irish guy response). Acutally I wanted to go Platinum blonde but the hairdresser.... well that's another story.
Living here is like being in a rural metropolis. Everyone knows everyones business. Men are men and women are women and the roles are extremely strict. Not in the overt sense. Women can be powerful in business but the must look and dress like feminine creatures not like men. Men must be athletic, strong, standard male stereotype. Bosses don't understand why a guy would change his hair colour.
However living here I realise the non verbal language is very different. A woman will show off her cleavage and be happy that men look at it. She will flaunt her body and not think you a perv for looking. A guy will shake your hand, smile, slap you on the back, and then not bother his arse answering emails you send. There is a Non verbal Hypocrasy that is intensely absurd adolescent, and extremely difficult to decode. The problem in highlighting it is that I can't acutally give a specific example, but if I brush your arm with the palm of my hand to say hello, what do you think I would be saying really? It happens here, but I don't know what they mean.

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