Thursday, July 19, 2007

Books and bits and hitting the floor.

I have been tagged by Gillette, she wanted to know the most fun thing I ever did with a book, involving books or libraries.
The most fun thing I ever did with a book!
Hmm it could be the summer I read 30 novels
Hmmm it could be the time I used to share passages of a Nancy Friday book with certain Friends....
Hmm difficult, honestly I have no idea.
See books for me are treasures. I have been collecting and loosing books for years...I left a lot of them behind me in Ireland and gave them away.
I managed to keep some with me. In fact as a child our house had so many books they often sat on chairs more than we did.
At the risk of sounding completely boring the most fun thing I ever did with a book was read it, keep it, and then a few years later, read it again.
I am sure there are some saucy tales with books and ex-girlfriends, but I am not sure those type of books qualify...... Well I just read back on Gillettes post and apparently they do. The most fun thing I ever did with those was get off. ;-) The first time was to one of 'those' books, not readily available in Roman Catholic Ireland but hey, being the youngest of 6 ( 5 boys) helped ;-). There was also a certain lady who was interested as to why it was interesting....well duh..needless to say the magazine landed up on the floor long before we did :-)
Now who to tag? I have been away for so long from blog land I forget who comes here apart from Greenwoman...So if you find yourself reading this consider yourself tagged.

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Gillette said...

OH what fun!!! Cool stuff, Warrior. Thanks for playing. Hugs.

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