Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baldy headed Shrek and the eco house

The Eco Plan.

So here 4 years and nearly 40. Oh my God does he ever stop? He is always going on about being 40. I am not 40 yet, but God I am looking forward to it. Right I have a plan. See I tried to get my hair dyed blond a few weeks ago, they gave me a mesh instead. Looked dirty and crap. They told me platinum blonde was faddy, the mesh would be better. I believed them. My son was with me but still shocked when he saw the change. My source into french Non verbal Communication told me it's because they didnt know how to do it, that they gave me the mesh. Apparently I was less virile and my girlfriend didn't like it at all. So I will go to her hairdresser next time......if there is a next time. See after a month I shaved it all off and now my head breaths, oh yes god how beautiful it is to be hairless. I am balder than a pumpkin, balder than watermelon I am as my son put it, a baldy headed shrek. He loves it and keeps patting me on the head. She likes it too. :)

Right the Eco plan. With all that air getting to my head I came up with a masterplan. It's expensive to buy and house and 40 approaching, mortgage blah blah... well...yes I am. I am going to build my own house. Our own house that is. We need to find a plot of land, and a wooden kit house that suits our needs. Check out what funding is available for grants and basically build the self sustaining house of the future, run on solar power, recycling all the water used, and producing it's own fertiliser for a vegtable garden. Hopefully it will be a place that will have a positive rather than zero, and certainly not a minus effect, on the environment.
Once a month it would be open to people to come and see how to benefit from eco living and what small changes they could make in their own homes.

To be honest it is probably the only way I can afford a house, and probably the only way I can get the EU or French Government to give me some grants in helping build it.

What you all think ? Are any of you out there inventing knew or different ways of saving energy and think it would look good in our house?
Get in touch :-)

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