Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am off sick from work. Some sort of viral infection.
The first batch of drugs didn't work so now I am more.
It's exhuasting.

Finally I passed my driving test on the second attempt. It was Sep 28t 2007.
My brothers birthday is that day.

My meal for my own birthday was a resounding success with plenty of requests for recipies and plenty of ooohs and ahhs for the special fruit filled baked Alaska in both chocolate and vanilla flavors.

I have been gifted a bike, by the efforts of my loved one who got in touch with everyone and asked them to contribute to a common gift if they wanted. It was obvious a bike was coming but how it was to happen I didnt know.
I am very very grateful.

Now my training for a triathlon can really happen.

I am thinking of Burma.

I am sensing things I don't understand.


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday afternoon to you, Warrior !

Hope you get some good rest, and the virus is gone in a few more days. There is a nasty one going around now, really wipes you out for several weeks. (sending you thoughts of chicken soup and warm blankets)

Congrats on passing the driver's test ! Happy belated birthday to your brother ! That is something, te two of you having birthdays so close together on the calendar... How far apart in age are you ?

Sounds like you are a very good chef ! It is a great skill to have, bringing pleasure to youas the creator -- and everyone else as the appreciative consumers !

That is excellent to hear about the bike ! Triathalon 2008, here comes Warrior !

Burma ? What are you sensing ?

Loving Annie

Warrior said...

Why Annie, what a lovely reply. Thank you so much. All is well. you must send me your email....

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday afternoon to you, Warrior !

Glad that you are feeling better, and hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead --

My e-mail is:
(I will send you a picture if you send me your e-mail)

And please, if you are comfortable doing so, would you be willing to add me to your links ? (you are already on mine)

Thank you ! I appreciate it !

Loving Annie

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday morning October 11th to you, Warrior !
Hope that you are feeling a bit better today --
Loving Annie

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