Thursday, October 11, 2007

So this is 40?

Ouch, Cramps like I have never experienced from the waist down. My head in under water, far under. I am sweating and cold. I have a fever. Upset stomach. Aches. Heavy limbs. Have seen the doc 3 times. Flu like head. Can't think straight. Hadn't sleept right for 4 nights then slept 14 hours. Slept again today, will go back to bed now. YUCK.


Loving Annie said...

So sorry that you still are feeling badly, Warrior. It's the 15th now - hope that this week gets better each day.
Loving Annie

Loving Annie said...

Checking in on the 24th to see how you are doing and what is new with you, Warrior -

Warrior said...

You are an angel. Have a great time. Write me a story :)

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