Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boy, what a birthday!

Can you imagine the joy of having your best friend, your brother, your favourite sister in law, your lover, and your child with you around the table. Throw in a couple of more friends,

some fireworks,

a cake

and some presents

and of course a good dose of magic

and you get what my boy told me was the best birthday ever. When I questioned him on it, in his usual truthful way, he said, 'Well, with you!' I am still smiling but it did scratch a little.

This time he has been spoiled rotten. Presents arrived from far a wide and we had already spent a fair whack on the bike. Now he can come cycling with me when I go running. It gives him more time with me and I get to run and not feel guilty. He loved it. He loved the visitors, the party, the cake the attention, the games, the walks, the shopping, the meals and generally just hanging out with each other. He loved the time we spent because it was real.
He still looked up often in a room full of people to see if I was there and when I wasn't he would come looking for me. He is great. So it's a happy birthday to him and may we spend so many more together.

My new lawyer seems to be the business, the bank approved my loan to pay her. The Sun is shining and for today all is good in the Kingdom where only happiness is King.
Thats it. Only happiness.


Krista said...

Great pics, sounded like a fun night. Who doesn't like spoiling kids? A bike is a great spoiling gift too, nothing better than getting a bike I think.

Warrior said...

So true :-) Never got that spoiled as a kid. Drop by any time Krista :-)

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