Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The weekend was a blast.

Happy birthday to both my Mam and Dad who have turned 80 years old. They are doing okay.

Okay Sooooooooooooooo hum. Well this is going to be a megre attempt at some photojournalism for what of a better word. Let me fill you in. I saw who I had to see. That was the best part. I ate great food, that was the second part. I didn't run.

I had planned to go running for 2 hours on Saturday but the plane was late, I arrived late, I needed a haircut for the party, I had to see my best friend. Actually I have 2 best friends that don't live with me. Anyways.........
I got the haircut but didn't get to run. Here's me with the haircut. I know it's pretty vain, but I change my appearance so much, and I saw the mirror and I thought, why the heck not. A lot of Irish guys passed me on the way and thought I was completely nuts....

So the party was great, 3 of my brothers and my Sister were there. My sisters in law, nephews, neices, cousins, aunts, friends of the family. It was in an old Grand hotel in Dublin called Wynns. I know I ate steak, and steamed vegetables, I asked for it very very very rare and got it just rare ( which was as I wanted). The Polish lady serving the Chilean Wine looked after me all night and by god the wine was gorgeous. My bro had paid a fair whack for the cake which had written on it..

Around the World in 80 years, Happy Birthday Mam

So I am bugging myself now trying to get this to look right and you guys are getting an update of me trying to remember my html, work with a French Photoshop on an Italian computer......ahem...I am inserting photos with blogger but hand coding to get it better than it's giving me....ahem as I said....
So here is a pic of my super cool nephew, this guy has got it going on, and we decided to leave the red eye because it makes him look super super cool

Anyway the plan for the Sunday run was out the window at 730am when I woke up freezing and nursing a hang over. So I looked out the window, saw the SNOW, yes SNOW and I took a photo turned on the heating and went back to bed. I will only post it if no one believes me.
So I didn't get the run in, but I saw my brother on TV. My bro and his wife ran the 10k in the Phonex Park. I was laughing my head off. It was hail stoning and the guy who won the race was from Ethiopia I think. He had never run in weather in like it. The reason I was laughing was because I was warm in bed and the interviewer was giving out about the pain of the hailstones. I thought of sunny warm Nice in the South of France where I live, and of course my honey who is there. So life is not so bad only I am back and there is no sun. Bummmmmmmer
I had dinner with My Best Female Friend and no none of you stand a chance with her, and she is a friend and I am committed. ( I should be committed, to a home) Right? Good, Next!

So good food, good beer and good chat with my best buddy Tom and Ann they are in side bar about the Connolly film.

Then I got confused. Really confused. I saw this

I wondered what happens if you are slightly drunk and you get the chewing gum and the condoms mixed up? You end up chewing for hours for sure, but.....ah heck doesn't bare thinking about, but I am sure it's painful.

I don't really have a thought for day except this perhaps. Kylie Minogue was interviewed by Ellen Degeneres recently and said her doc had told her originally she didn't have cancer. Apparently her having cancer in her breast has contributed to the amount of women getting breast scans or checking themselves out and doing something about it. It's at a time like this I think that men and women must be different if only by virtue of things our bodies bring us. I know guys can have breast cancer but it's much rarer. I don't think girls get testicular anything unless they are playing with the boyfriend. Anyway whoever you are, where ever you are, I hope you enjoyed a look into my very personal life. I hope you keep yourself well. I hope you find the strength to keep going. Bless you all, and cheers. I had a real blast this weekend.

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