Thursday, May 01, 2008

All the Fun of the Fair.

May 1st is a holiday here. No one works except the people at the wine fair. Don't start cracking jokes about the French please, I have to live here. They work very hard.

You see there is a lot to do at this time of year on the Cote D'azur. The film festival will be starting soon. There is a Grand Prix comming up.
You can out to a nice restaurant in Monaco and eat Duck

You can go to the wine expo thing,where people go crazy. You get a glass and basically walk around all the producers in France finding out what you want and what you dont want. There are also people who make





oh and for the ladies...........chocolate

and tea.

and other goodies..

The reason some of the photos are a little blurry is I am still getting used to the phone, but also because I tasted a good part of the following...

Yes it does look this blurred in real life, there was no way I could focus better than that. We had already tasted 21 wines and I don't spit.

Oh well the cellar is now stocked for the visitors who may make their way over this summer :-)

Still not training, hoping to go bike and run this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nice of you to suffer so horribly so that we may be spoilt with the best on our visitings :)

Warrior said...

Actually truth be told, I went to the damn wine fair with the first hang over I have had this year. We ordered a bottle of chianti with dinner the night before....just the two of us........I had forgotten how out of practice I was, you can imagine how I was at 4pm leaving the wine fair trying to load the car.......luckily my lover was driving.........because I was lost....and laughing.;-) I am sure they will cannonise me when I die.........certainly if you look at some of those they sainted recently I must be in the front runners for beatification.....maybe even when I am alive........come visit a living will be welcome....

monica said...

oh man, that all looks amazing and of course NONE of it is allowed on my ironman diet. DOH!!!

hope you're back is ok and you were able to get some sort of activity in this weekend. if not, just listen to your body and come back to it when you're feeling less stressed. i hope to finish up your schedule and send it by the end of the weekend!!

Warrior said...

Yes Monica, I got a 14km run in today and god I am suffering. I pulled something last weekend just about and inch above my right ass cheek. So today the ankle knees and hip kept blocking. I walked and then ran till the blocked again. Then sat out a lap and with some encouragement put in a last one. No bike .............still. No excuse.

Anonymous said...

That reminded me of the holiday I went on with my folks to Dordogne when I was 7.

We went on a pub-crawl in a Canoe along the river, but my folks got so trollied, I had to row them all the way back on my own! A seven-year old trying to keep control of a small boat on a big river which is being rocked about by two drunken singing parents is an adventure in itself.

Warrior said...

that is just tooooo funny hihiiihihi :-)

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