Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Return

He is back and damn I am relaxed.
Apart from the viral infection I have just picked up.
Boy has come home to tell me he almost broke his hand running with the dogs, by smacking it hard against the wall when they jumped on him. Oh apparently his leg is scarred from the same incident, ( don't ask). He has a knot in his back because he fell down a staircase in a bar.....( sorry but from an 8 year old that is just too crazy). No medical checks nothing but not much of a sun tan either because his mother is careful about that.( excuse the note of sarcasm).
So Georgia got pissed off with Russia cutting off it's gas and telling it's smaller states to break free and Russia belched, George farted and world war 3 was averted by erm ............................are we allowed say French to American readers?
It's going to take two months for me to heal. Horaaay, I will actually heal! Then I am going on a get in shape program with a fitness doctor, a dietician and a physiotherapist, it's going to cost a bit but damn it's an investment.

The apartment buy is no more. We dropped the idea. I couldn't get my ex to sign a piece of paper saying she would go for half of it. We have not being together for 4 years, what is the point?

My best friend is coming over on Saturday for a week. Yippeee.

I have a ton of shit to write about, and a ton of photos to post but I just don't get around to it, it drives me mad.

So here is one for you :-)

The bump is much bigger now and all 3 of us are really pleased.


Tea said...

SHE is BEAUTIFUL! That is just a gorgeous picture.

Warrior said...

Heck yeah :-) when you coming over for a race?

Gillette said...

Lots going on in life...phewie...got tired reading it...and yes, she is gorgeous.

Moni said...

The glow of pregnancy is an amazing sight to behold!!!
You are one lucky man, or should I say blessed man.

Warrior said...

lucky that I am blessed or blessed with luck? who knows? :-) hugs moni thanks...

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