Thursday, February 26, 2009

Somthing Amiss

Well I haven't been writing because with the New Born it's been a bit of the lack of sleep that has been killing the writing desire.
However there are other issues which I don't dare talk too much about now. I am in contact with my Lawyer a lot in regards to my son. It's worrying, but I am hoping common sense, justice, and fairness will be seen to win through in the end.
I am reading lots but I am so tired at night as if I have spent the day training.
I have managed to take up the swimming again which helps the stress levels stay down.
My best friend lost his mother and it's tough not to be able to go and be there for him and his family but he will be with me next week.
Eh Volia and crazy short update on life to blogland..........
keep your fingers crossed for me!


Gillette said...

Many hugs, my friend. You take care. A new arrival affects everyone. Be gentle with yourself.

Warrior said...

Yes sweetness I am doing my best, we are both a bit bitey when we are tired, I am learning to catch it,calm it down, make sense for both of us.. I like us. We will be alright.

Krista said...

Swimming should be a good stress reliever for you. I know I don't comment a lot but I am an avid reader, and concerned and all that. It says something that you're thinking of your friend while going through these tough times. Hang in there, xo.

Warrior said...

Hello Krista, thanks for the words, I am doing okay, nothing some rest and some loving won't fix :-).

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