Saturday, February 20, 2010

The difference between what I had, and what I have!

Normally when I cycle I go from here to Aspremont and back. It's a 10km struggle uphill that takes me 56 mins every single time. Today was the first day we have had sun shine in a while. So after my dismal pool performance this morning I took off on the bike.
Actually the pool performance only felt dismal. I didn't have the couple of swim buddies with me, and I spent my slow session looking at the sprinters trying to figure out how when I swim fast and they go slow, they are still faster than I.
I am still struggling with the technique of breathing without lifting my head. I am sure it will come but frankly it's frustrating. So anyway, I got home. I got changed and I took the GIANT DEFY ADVANCED 1, the winged wonder, the carbon copy of brilliance, the lightening strike of a bicycle out on the road for the first time.
It's rubbish. No I am joking, Actually it has to front chain cogs a 50 something, and a 34. So it's lowest gear, is not as low as the lowest gear on my other thing that up until today passed for a bicycle.
I went uphill as usual but found the second stage of the climb which happens after the first 500 meter hill, a bit harder, I kept going lowest gear all the time. There is one spot where I get a nice run down hill and then it's a hard climb again. The run down I realised I was in a unfamiliar position. The handle bars were different I wasn't too confident about the control, I hit about 42kph which is faster than normal for that part of the ride, already I was loving it.
On I went up and up, I finally got to a level part where I engaged the 50+  the bike took off. It was nothing short of incredible. I took in the views and screamed out loud with delight. I am sure the locals will arrest me some time and if they do hear me are convinced I am crazy.
I finally got to Aspremont, 12 mins quicker than I normally do. I don't normally have an hour work out in the pool just before hand.  The roads I was on felt smooter, the bike itself is way lighter but being built for endurance, and being built for quality, the difference is out of this world.
I had been beginning to have doubts if I could make the grade really. This bike has blown those doubts away. If I had a bike like that as I child I would have won the Tour de France more than a few times. It is just a pure joy to ride. The descent happened in about 15 mins as opposed to 20+ mins, I could not only get up to higher speeds than I was used to, I could maintain them, and there was still a lot more in the sprint tank if needed. The bike went exactly where I pointed it, it was extremely responsive. I am extremely happy with the purchase, the experience and good god, one of these days, I might even be able to call myself a triathlete.
I did break the speed limit on the way down, without much effort. Thankfully there are no radars.


Garen (gfd) said...

After reading this I am motivated to work out again. I am proud of you Collie. I have no doubt you will finish a triathlon soon. But I think you are a triathlete already. It is the training and lifestyle that earn you that title. The races are just a way to celebrate it with the other crazy people that share our passion.

Warrior said...

the bike is a monster Garen, I did a 40 km uphill today, (the day after) and took the short route back totaling 62km ride, I am beat but it was worth it.

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