Saturday, February 13, 2010

My new everything!

Apt it is that today is the 13th of the month. I brought this home. It is the result of a lot of thought, and research, a lot of courage, and some guilt because it's way out of my normal budget range. But this is what is going to carry me into the world of triathlon.  It's a Giant Defy Advanced. It has a full carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra bits and pieces. Assuming it doesn't get stolen, this bike which I can lift with one finger must have something seriously wrong with it. I got it for roughly 2/3 of the price of new. It's been a store/show bike, so the saddle has been up and down but it's never been ridden apparently. I am sort of sure of that as it's pristine clean except around the saddle and handle bars where people obviously touch it.
I looked up the wheels on the internet, DT Swiss RR 1450's and the price I found was dearer than what I paid for the whole set up.

So I have been swimming a lot and I am finally getting somewhere with my stroke and distance and endurance improving, I just have to work on the breathing bit.

It has been snowing here too so I have not been running or biking. The weather is just crazy!

So I have a new bike, the weather is new and I now have a new status in life. I am offically divorced. I didn't get the shared custody of my son. The judge decided the only reason for that was that Boy himself hadn't requested it. I am now okay with it. I was hurt and perplexed for a while but I knew it wasn't going to happen. What changes is that I have a piece of paper, proof, ground to stand on to back up my point of view in discussions with my ex. To be honest I love the sound of 'My Ex' at the moment. I am not thankful for the experiences I have had in this story. I do have some resentment towards this person. I hope it goes some day and that we can as adults look each other in the eye and discuss our sons future amicably and intelligently.

But today is my day of new things. I swam further than before. I grouped together a big distance in the pool without stopping. I got my bike. I am a single man in a committed relationship with Lover, Boy and Booboo our girl. Who incidently, today, said her first word.
It was 'A Table', which is the call to come to sit and eat at the table. Isn't life just a really good buzz when you are not looking at your belly button?

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c0gger5 said...

Slick set of wheels there, Dude!! Best of luck in your training. I'm back running again. Not as fast or as light as I was in the 80's but getting there. Check out the athletics/triathlon/running forum on Lots of sound advice available there

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