Monday, May 31, 2010

Been Away for a while now

Well I am sure no one comes here anymore, but the few that did will come back if I start to write regularly again.
I haven't been writing because I have been training, working, getting on with it, in regards to my kids and partner.
I am trying to be positive and in truth, getting the divorce has been a huge weight of my shoulders. For my couple however we had a setback in that Lover is without a job. So if anyone needs a really good web project manager or designer, do let us know.
Yesterday our oven broke. I am trying not to think about the things we need and the things we want. We need an oven. I want a wetsuit, 250 euros, I want a bike fit, 100 euros plus no injuries, and new bike shoes, about 100 euros. I don't have it so I have to wait. We have bills, like everyone. Our challenge is not to panic, but to be calm confident and collected about our abilities and to start truly to prioritise. One of those priorities was for me to get fit. In getting fit, I could then tackle a life dream. So the getting fit is happening. For the month of may I have done the following,

Swam: 13000.00 M - 5h 20m

Biked : 541.69 KM - 26h 37m 17s

Run    : 13.52 KM - 1h 47m 22s

I know that is a lot by normal peoples standards, but triathletes would find that small potatoes. However this is my news for the month of May.  I am swimming better than ever, biking better than ever, and Obviously the run needs a bit of work.
Summer has arrived, the tan is starting to kick in , it's getting hot and it's times like this we realise how damn lucky we really are.

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