Friday, August 20, 2010

New Bike Shoes

I just got new bike shoes. Brand new half price. The smell of the leather is gorgeous. The feel of the insole is fantastic. I couldn't wait to swap over the cleats from my old cheapo shoes that have served me over 1,600k since March. I had just arrived in on the bike ride home from work. I sat on the floor as I am forbidden to sit on the furniture till I stop sweating. My partner handed me the scissors and I showed my baby girl how to open the box. Immediately she was in pulling out the bag and shoes and I help her because it was so heavy for her. She watched as I detached the cleats and carefully lined them up on the new shoes.
She was a bit worried as when I come in she always bends down and undoes the velcro straps to help me out of them. At 18 months of age she hasn't heard of womens lib yet. When she saw me attacking her favourite shoes, she got a little upset, but I smiled and reassured her everything was fine. Cleats attached, straight, look about as similar on each shoe as I can possibly get.

Dinner is finished with, bed time for baba but god I have an itch. The shoes have been calling me throughout my meal. I pick up the new shoes smelling them, I have to slip my feet into them, OH GOD they are so much more comfortable, I didn't think it was possible.... It's nearly 11pm hell I might just go out for a ride. But I am on a big hill and I have already done 50k today. I will just sit on the bike maybe. The bike lives between the bookcase and the sofa in the living room( long story). I pull it out of its place, I am in foot heaven right now. I line her up level with the frame of the sliding doors. I have to sit up on her. I clip in. God damn this feels good. I back pedal a bit yep they are straight, they feel good. One hand on the door frame the other on the front brake, I moved forward gently , I get the notion to cycle down the living room, but decide against it. I see the clock on the bike and look at my woman who is watching TV. She says something I look up starting to answer, I remember I have to log my distance. My shoes are so comfy on my feet I forget where I am and I go to leave the room without getting off the bike.

I have released the brake and let go of the door frame. I lean 2 degrees left, oh Shi* it's just enough to start my voyage, another few degress over , the door jamb is too far away to grab, slowly I am going over, so slowly , can't get my foot out of the pedal, I am still going, the room is at a 45 degree angle, yes my right foot is free, OH SHI* wrong foot, 47 degrees ah the left foot is out, 50 degrees, yes the left foot makes it to the tiled floor whoohoo disaster avoided,.... for about a milisecond. My foot just slides to the left and keeps going .....oh oh CRASH BANG goes, the bike, the helmet that was on the handle bars, the sun glasses in the helmet go flying across the room and yet I manage somehow with arms flailing widly and legs like a near born deer to keep my balance.

Quick inspection, the bike is fine, quick inspection the shoes are fine, 10 seconds later, severe ache in back, in the ass as I hit the point of saddle on the coxix on the way down, and the left ankle begins to throb........I reckon tomorrow I am going to feel it. But I am okay. So the moral of the story, if you get new bike shoes, get out of the house and ride.

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Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys. Too funny.

also, you have a talent for writing, at least the funny stuff!

here's mine in case you want to read something I wrote.


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