Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 is the way forward.

I feel like using the line from the exorcist, or at least using it to suit my own needs. I'm baaaaahhhack.
Well if I am back or not remains to be seen. However 2011 has some interesting challenges. I have actually started to write my book 'In Praise of Women' a working title. It's my story of the women who have educated me through my life. I don't mean my school teachers, my sister or my mother and aunts, I mean the people that most men see as women before they see them in another role. The women in my life, were first and foremost women, then after there was roles, however the women in my family, had roles before I ever knew they were women in that role. I wonder did I think of men the same way? There are a few challenges, one of which is trying to track down this small band of blessed beings. Another challenge is trying to work out permissions in what story gets told. I can't really go off naming names and getting people into trouble with their current relationships now can I? The last sort of challenge is really for myself. To actually write the damn thing. Once it's done, I might look for a publisher, but I am not sure if there are any publishing houses that would be interested in the story of  copious amounts of blood when I lost my virginity , or how when I had my first blow job, I thought my brain was going to pop through my head, ( the one on my shoulders), but hey, as they say in the Costner baseball movie, If you build it they will come, mine is more likely to be If you write it they will come, all puns intended.

Sporting wise, apart from recovering from the Man flu, I am doing well. Could be better yes, but is a lot better than this time last year. So I missed my road race last week, but I have plans. A 10k, a semi marathon, a Half Iron man, and a Marathon, with a few tri races at least one Olympic distance, thrown in for fun. So that is what 2011 has in store. To round off 2010, I changed companies, but do the same job, I am more calm and content in myself. I know I am going forward, I found some spiritual contacts here and got interested in Sweat lodges which just stay with me for a long time...
I have plans...lets go make them happen.


Barefooted Pavee said...

It sounds like there's going to be a beautiful year ahead of you :)

Best of luck on the book though maybe for a while forget about the publisher. Just write, remember, draw the veil back to the days gone by and reconnect with the passions and moments of a younger life. Fill it with your tales of eros, your rage, your sorrow, your laugh, your dreams.

I often think we twist and turn ourselves to the waiting eyes of others rather then really truly share. You can go back later and polish it off, saving the blushes of those that might know who you are speaking off and making it more accessible to both a reader and publisher – but for now... just write :)

(My two penny’s worth).

Warrior said...

Wow, one hell of a tuppence!

Barefooted Pavee said...

You sir, flatter me :-p

Hope to keep in touch :)

Doxy said...

Hi, was just passing by and had to comment. I think the book idea is wonderful. Sounds like it would be a very nice tribute to the women in your life!

Warrior said...

Thanks Doxy you are most welcome.

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