Monday, February 21, 2011

Calls from the Blue and the revolutionary wave

As the Middle East continues to erupt in revolution and violence, I am left to reflect that maybe even 5 years ago, certainly ten years ago, my day couldn't have happened like it has. I have been reading a lot about energies on the planet lately. A lot of new age stuff and some interesting stuff and some clearly nonsense stuff. There are people out there willing to believe anything to the point where they shut everything else out. I am reading conflicting reports on websites about what is happening in Tripoli. News stations report X, twitterers report Y and people on the ground report Z.
Today I had a phone call from a friend of a friend. A musician, who has played with anyone and everyone. He was in the area and looking for a physio. Given my recent health issues, I have no problems referring a physio, so we had a chat, I made a few calls, organised an appointment and got back in touch. I checked out the map on Google maps, I sent him an email with the numbers and address and time of rendezvous, and we had a little chat after by email.
As I watching on Facebook a lecturer from my old University was being evacuated from her Hotel in Tripoli. She had gone over to give a conference and was hoping to be back for the election in Ireland this week. She posted up the name of the new location. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and rang her to see if I could just maybe reassure, a friendly voice, have a natter, take her mind off things. She was scared. She told me she could see smoke, but didn't talk about any craziness that is being reported else where. I can assure you if there were gunships in the sky, she would have said it or at least I assume she would have. She thought about going for a swim.
I had to do stuff around the house, cook a dinner put a child to bed, I promised I would ring back later.
Now here I am blogging, I can't get through on the phone anymore. I don't actually know her. She was surprised to get my call and pleased, just as I was to get a call from the musican. I had heard of both of these people before in my life. The lecturer was around when I was at Uni, but we never had direct contact. The musician has been around on the airwaves, and I have doubt is part of my musical influences.
It's been an odd day. I am aware of magnetic Solar flares hitting earth of revolutions and mass uprisings, connectedness, oneness and spirit. I am wondering is there a new world order coming. Europeans realising that Libya provides 70% of it's oil, and is a dodgy regime at best, well I wonder will the wave of uprising continue up into Europe, where will it end?
One thing for sure, without phones, mobile phones, email twitter, facebook, my day wouldn't have panned out the way it did. 

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