Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Change a foot

Change is afoot. There are revolutions in the middle east. Americans are now watching films on YouTube that show the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were started on false pretences. It's not something I could have imagined 3 years ago. Ireland is having a election, and our national rugby team lost to France at the weekend.

There is a definite air of change everywhere I look. On the net, on facebook, on TV, it's something I feel. I am getting more and more drawn to re-explore the spiritual side of life again. Emails arrive and posts and notifications are all teasing me to explore, nature , shamanic pathways, and Buddhism, meditation..... Perhaps there really is something new happening. Perhaps there really is a great awakening.
All I know is I have tendonitis so once again I can't run... that is the one thing not changing......actually there are others. The tendon down my calf into my foot is rock solid. I need to stretch out more than I have been doing.
But I like to focus on change. I like to keep my mind open, and my heart, for even if things are good, and we are open, and they get better, then how happy we become in this life, this journey, this hard challenge with many rewards.
I helped someone move today. Their song is me me me me me me ...everything about how the other does nothing for them how the other is wrong because meme me memememmememe. I asked them to hurry as I was late for work, I got hang ons, and hold ons and wait a minutes, and that song me me me me me me me me with the odd chorus of money thrown in, and how much had been spent, and how precious and expensive the few items we moved were. I thought how much different the world might be if all us, just naturally sang about the beauty of you you you you..........or of the other and how wonderful they are. How do we get so messed up we can only see ourselves as individuals on a planet of 6 000,000,000,000. How does anybody see themselves as 000,000,000,001? Change is a coming I tell you, it's a coming!

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Barefooted Pavee said...

I think so, if not for the sky, stars and moon then at least for us all. Within.

The word universe actually means “one song”, a deeper reflection I feel that we are all just a note in the greater chorus of being.

PS. I am told that ginger has a potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties when dealing with tendonitis.

Ginger works by slowing down the production of the inflammatory compounds prostaglandin and leukotriene. It also blocks the transmission of pain signals.

You can take up to eight 500 mg capsules of ginger a day, one teaspoon of ground root a day, or a third of an ounce of fresh ginger a day.

Get well soon :)

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