Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coming down from the mountain.

My vision quest was amazing. It was a beautifully tranquil experience. I lost 4 kilos. I had a wonderful time and it was worth all the stress leading up to it. The wind was incredible, the heat was incredible, the peace of mind and gentle joy and self love that filled me, were incredible too.
I have decided to train with a big goal in mind. No more excuses. So I have trained all this month but in a very forgiving way. I have been regular with my running and biking. However I have allowed myself a race day when I am really tired. Life is good. My attitude to myself and my goals has changed. I know exactly where I am going on so many levels. It feels really good. 


Beth said...

It is truly wonderful to have a goal and a plan on how to reach it.

Robin said...

That sounds like an incredible experience with far-reaching consequences in your life. Awesome!

Warrior said...

thanks Beth. So funny, I wrote Race day, and I meant rest day... :-)

Warrior said...

Yes Robin it was just that :-).

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