Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The time is now, well nearly!

So then this is it. I am off on a quest. Tomorrow morning I head off into the mountains. I have ideas, desires, deep within me as to what it will bring me. My linear logic tells me I am being silly, that I shouldn't expect so much, that it's a waste of time and effort. My other self tells me this time out to reflect, pray, seek, is everything I need and more to realise my dreams. I have dreams. I have big dreams, but somehow I managed to limit myself all my life.
It's time to break the limiters definitively, to plough on, to seek the greatness inside, to bring it to fruition, to become myself. It's time to grow up and be, instead of wandering around aimlessly trying to make sense of it all.
I know what I need to know. I have the keys. It's time to open the door and step through it.
I am nervous. It's time to smash the inherited ways of behaviour and thought and to make my own way forward. To drop the excuses, the fear, and the doubts. It's time to be the missile instead of longing to be a firework.

I might not be back. Have fun y'all. 


Barefooted Pavee said...

Expectations are eternal, what manifests however has a far deeper stirr in us all. Save passage through the shadows of the self, holding not for the tunnels end but the light within.

Shine bright dear friend, shine bright!

Oein DeBhairduin said...

I lite a candle for you, big and bright.

Come home safe, even if your feet are among the stars.

Beth said...

Stay safe, have fun, and above all be happy!

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