Thursday, September 01, 2005

Truth is a lot of people are suffering

You know what? I don't know when I will post this but I have had a lot of stuff going through my mind today. All those people who were killed yesterday..........while on pilgrimage in Iraq. I was shocked by that. No I wasn't shocked by the disaster in the south of the USA. Natural disasters don't shock me. I was saddened of course and my sympathies ( not that any of you give a toss anyway) are with you no matter which gulf you happen to live near.

There are a number of scenarios going through my head.

But here is what was going through my head as I watched 3 U.S. presidents on TV at the same time. Although I studied communications in university I am glad I didn't go to the school of "Putting on the right face at the right time". It was apparent that once president of the United States there is only one way of looking serious and solemn, turn down the corners of your mouth, push out your lower lip and look at a point about a meter in front of your toes, or three foot if you are still in imperial measures. If you want to agree with the seriousness of what someone is saying make sure your hands are clasped just below your belt or above your penis (rules are different for women) and nod your head with the same expression as above. The transparancy of this method acting was almost laughable, except that these guys were talking about real people.
The President of America looked weaker for needing his Dad and his lying, fornicating predecessor, to back him up. (Don't get me wrong I liked Bill, in the kinda way I like the guy down the end of the bar who has a smart mouth, but to whom I never really speak.) The only difference between him and Pres senior, is the fornication bit, actually its not, it's the getting caught bit. I understand what the PR people were trying to do but as usual it didn't work. President smirk really needs to learn to stand on his on his own two feet and keep a straight face. He also needs to learn his lines better. He may even benefit from a new script writer. He should certainly fire a few bodies who are clearly giving him the wrong advice.

Scenario 1.

Punishment by God??
Is the end really and finally nigh?
With the Christians of America telling us all to wipe out the Arabs, nuke the French and take out Chavez of Venezeula and generally that the world should go and get fu##ed, I wonder are any beginning to think that God is finally giving them their just reward for invading, killing, stealing, lying, murdering, and generally being very very bad. Even if they are not perhaps the good Lord has had enough and is going to wipe out the menace to clean air and peaceful living and true love and harmony by causing another mini, controlled and contained flood.

Scenario 2
Couple this disaster with the price of oil and you have a revolution on your hands. Now I know that most normal thinking people in the capitalist world believe that the remote possibility of revolution is extinct due to on hand the comfort zone, i.e. a) I have too many creature comforts to upset the barrel, or lack of comfort zone, b) I am too busy trying to feed myself and my kid that I don't have time for revolution. But when people start shooting at helicopters trying to rescue them, one starts thinking that perhaps something odd is afoot.

So has the revolution happened already in New Orleans and will the U.S. government be overthrown in a couple of weeks because they are over stretched fighting in Afganistan and Iraq?
They have deserted their own. Even here on the Cote D'Azur in the land of the future dropped Nuke, we knew the storm was on the way and it was a biggie. How come so many got out? How come so many didn't, and why didn't the U.S. Government do more? and do it sooner?

Scenario 3

Nobody gives a shit anywhere about all this and as for the people who have been killed? Well less on the unemployment lines, big fucking deal. Anyway most of them weren't white anyway so what do they matter? No don't be shocked, it's just the same crap many neocons come up with time after time but will they say it about their own? Damn right they will.

Scenario 4
There has been a disaster in the world and people from France to Fiji, from Dublin to Dubai, from Norway to Nigeria, are concerned for the people of New Orleans. They will pray for you to their God's, they will go to their churches, mosques, and temples, and ask the God the believe in, to aliveate your suffering, they will send blankets, money, cash, aid, food. They will be with you in your time of need. The Americans will learn the world is not against them.

Scenario 5
The Americans have spent so long telling the world they don't give a shit about anyone else except Americans, that the rest of world has finally turned it's back on you and is secretly happy. In fact the rest of the world is upset that the storm was so small and that it didn't wipe out Texas and DC as well.

I know no one would ever subscribe to Scenario 5.
I hope most people suscribe to scenario 4.
I am sure there are one or two who secretly like number 3 but won't say it.
More than a few are for number 1 and while many may want number 2 it aint the time for a revolution....or is it?


Steve said...

The current US president needs lessons in a lot of things in addition to public speaking: humanity, compassion, selflessness, forgiveness, compromise, ecology, science, economics and history to name a few. In fact, if he had some of this knowledge and these qualities, he wouldn't need all the coaching in public speaking, hand gestures and facial expressions. It would all come naturally.

As for your scenarios, number one can't be accurate. If it were, we'd need to explain why the "good Lord" decided to wipe out a few hundred thousand humans in southeast Asia last December, on the day after Christmas. If you were to counter with the we-can't-possibly-know-God's-grand-plan argument, then it would be too facile to say that the disaster is a payback for sinful behaviour.

I fear that the US has created so much ill will in the past few years, however, that many people secretly subscribe to this scenario or to scenario 5.

dervenn said...

ca doit etre trop sympa ce que tu raconte sur ton blog!!!!
le truc c'est que je ne pige rien a l'anglais.....
pitetre a bientot en francais sur mon blog!

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