Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Northern thoughts in the Summery South.

You know often I think some people visit blogs out of a morbid fascination about how other people live their lives. The people who write probably like me have nothing better to do that is taking their time, or perhaps like me feel they have something to share, or perhaps like me, like to show off a bit, or even like me, just do it for the hell of it. Many people write about GOD. Some people write about their own lives in a foreign country and how they are fitting in. The ones that get the most comments are I have found, the ones that have pics of naked people, erect cocks, naked boobs, and the subject is porn, sex, and all the variations therein. These blogs are not necessarily dedicated to the joys of the body but certainly lean heavily that way. And why the hell shouldn't they write or post this stuff, God knows, just like me, the human is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Some of it seems to be hotter than earthly flame but what the heck, you want traffic in this world, apparently a bit of skin is the way to go. ....
I sit here in a darkened room a light (too light) breeze blowing in the window, it's about 30C inside and tomorrow will be about 42 outside in the Sun. There is a lot of sun and sun worshippers. Even in this heat, on the beaches, young horny men eye up the often topless not necessarily horny, women, (the old horny men do to). That's just during lunch break Monday to Friday.
We all try to dress as coolly as possible and I don't mean style here either. Few clothes, see through clothes, strong smells, glistening skin and fumes scent the hot summer air. People appear lazy but in truth they don't operate well in these extremes. Night time the towns are alive and throbbing because it's bearable, the beaches again crowded with a different group of people, the jelly fish move away from the coast. They hide waiting for the water to heat up again at first light and sting painfully, any foolish enough to cross the path of their invisible scorching tenticles.
These are the thoughts of a Man from the North living in the Summery South. :

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