Saturday, July 01, 2006

They Don't know the Samba in Paris

What is going on? This is crazy. Car horns are blaring each time they go past the window.The teenage kid in the appartment upstairs starting leaping about like he just saw Monica Belluci lying naked in his bed and I struck dumb. The dance that is all the rage here is Salsa. I always liked the latin rythms, and in Paris they don't Samba. France the team that no one gave a chance to, the team that had the same group as Ireland in the qualifiers, France, the team of old guys and crap managers has qualified for the semi finals of THE World Cup. You know, the one with countries from all over the world. It's a long long saga that got them here, but suffice to say they struggled out of their qualifying group to be in THE World Cup.
Then they struggled in the worst peliminary group and played like brainless pensioners. They managed at last gasp to qualify for the knock out stages and in meeting Spain for the last 16 were expected to be well beaten. They turned in a show of the old days, and ran out 3:1 winners in a great game. Now they have gone even better. Brazil 0 France 1. They have played two magnificent matches. It's like watching a bunch of guys find their youth again and Zizou is god. But Henry? Well cheat comes to mind and the phrase he used after the European cup, that he wasn't a woman,well I think we will see him in skirts soon. Too much diving, faking, and looking for the foul instead of doing what he does best.
I'll give you an image of how bizzare this is. As a reporter went from the studio to the ground for the first match in the peliminaries, she asked the commentator what chances France had, would they reach the final?, he laughed and said it was better not to dream. Maybe he was right, and so the explosion of joy I am hearing around me, and the burning of rubber, is all the less contained because they didn't dare dream. Now they can.
The English on the other hand will never stop dreaming I guess. The got beaten on penalites yet again. Oh how sad. Ha

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