Friday, September 21, 2007


So here it is.
I am 40. The Autumn equinox is upon us. My friends have come from Ireland. Some of the best people in the world.
My lover sent me flowers by delivery. 41 Roses sit on the table.
A chaman has sent me a feather red, with red ties, no note, no card just that.
I am 40 today. The meal has to be prepared, the room dressed. My son and my friends and my loved ones will be here and what a day it will be.
I have already had my champagne and caviar breakfeast. It is a long way I was raised from it but hey it's my birtday. The shadows chasing me last week have stood aside. People I haven't expected to hear from are getting in touch.....All is well in my castle. Come, celebrate life. Be Welcome.


Loving Annie said...

Happy 40th Birthday to you,
Happy 40th Birthday to you,
Happy 40th Birthday dear Warrior,
Happy 40th Birthday to you,
And many more :)

Hope you have a wonderful celebration today, Warrior ! Starting it with Beluga Caviar would indeed be a wonderful introduction ! My very very very favorite indulgence...

And your comments DO publish - I just have 'comment moderation' to prevent spam, so I have to see them first before they go through the system.

Loving Annie

Warrior said...

Thanks, love having you drop by. Glad I interest you :)

Loving Annie said...

Came by on Thursday night to see how your week is going, Warrior !

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