Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick One

I don't have arthritis or rhumatism. I have a severe groin strain, tendonitis in both heels, buggered disc in my lower back, siatica, torn muscle in my arm,deformed knee cap and a pain in the ass. :-) Other than that I am fine and rehab starts tomorrow.
Have had boy with me for most of the last month and wow it's just so fine. He is turning into a challenging argumentative stubborn lying testing little man. I am trying to deal with it with humour and not put up too much resistance. It's tough to know what is the right thing to do, but I would rather this challenge than not have the opportunity to be with him at all.
The sun is shining, we are in high summer, no fires yet but hotter than usual for this time of year.
Things are moving slowly on all fronts but they are moving. Thank God lover has the patience I don't have for all the paper work.


Moni said...

Arent we lucky for patient lovers?!

Tea said... least your big toe seems to be ok. ;)

I'm glad you checked in. I was just going to email you to see how you were doing.

Warrior said...

Yes we are Moni, yes indeed.

Warrior said...

Hey Tea
How are you doing? Looking forward to your race.... I am learning it's only okay to be not a 100% as long as it's not hurting. :-) Actually you won't believe it, but my big toe....ah never mind :-)

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