Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Beach or My New Word

I am just back from Lunch on the Beach. It's where I used to go to swim. At the moment I just catch some rays, hoping to be less white.
I people watch a lot. That doesn't mean I perv, but I genuinely watch bodies, expressions, gestures, aspects, styles, stances, and poses of peoples bodies and try to figure it all out. Like why is it always the women with the smallest breasts who go topless, and those who have fake ones.
In all my meandering on that I have coined a word a Mokini. Yes it's a mono kini but I called it a Mokini before you did. A mono kini is basically just the bottom part, as opposed to a one piece, which is a nonkini. Another word coined.
I think I might have got too much sun.
Still I look at water and I wait for my physio to give me the go ahead. I hope I can start swimming again soon.


Anonymous said...

So a mokini is basically a pair of knickers or would it be a pair of knickers with suspenders??

Warrior said...

No no suspenders, a mokini is what you wear on the beach that covers your, well that helps hide your lower intimate bits, because quite a few a not actually covered. Oh yes it's all on show here.

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