Monday, September 22, 2008

Change expected no change

Been to the doctor, not fixed yet, can do some stationary bike and swimming will be soon, absolutely no running.

Tomorrow someone who knows nothing about us, makes a judgement as to if my son and I can legally spend more time together.

My parents arrive tommorow. They are 80. My mother is probably a manic depressive.

I suppose I was going to write that I feel anxious, stressed out my bucking oak tree would be more accurate but perhaps not as nice. . . . .

change and no change...... life is different everyminute and yet we stress over what the next second will bring knowing I can make bugger all difference in the end to what the day brings. I can only deal with what arrives.


Gillette said...

Sending you hugs and more hugs.

I saw an exhibit of portraits of four sisters taken every year for thirty years. They were lined up in three rows of ten. If you looked at the photos from one year to the next (horizontally) you could not see any difference in them. But if you looked at them vertically, they were totally different.

Change just don't have the perspective of time to see it yet.

And I'm continuing to send you hugs.

Warrior said...

Yes,indeed it does, and when it stops we die. I have a lot of living in me yet and a lot of change to come. Thanks for you kind words you are a great support.

Moni said...

Anxiously awaiting your post as to the outcome of the courtcase!!!

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