Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

There you go, 41 today. The life plan is not where I thought it would be. It never is, that's the wonderful side of life. This week is a biggie. My parents arrive on Tuesday. I find out what will happen with Boy the same day. Life will continue either way.
I had some friends over, much less than before. This time instead of wild groups I boiled it down to about 10 and 7 arrived.
My new physio from Romania and her boyfriend. They are just a lovely couple. JN a good guy from work who is dad to two little kids, he is the french me in many ways. We even look a little alike I think.
The italians and the banker and her man who are I suppose long standing friends, came for dinner. We had Pasta with Sepp, Beef in Warriors special sauce, with green beans, individual baked alaska, lots of wine and champagne and I started my day with a good old hangover.
Now the weather is like home....Talk about a month of change... I am smiling.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, a very Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for your visot AND your email....I haven't been here before so I scrolled down and read quite a bit, trying to familiarize myself with 'the players'.
It sounds like these are hard times for you in terms of The Courts and your son.
I hope the Judge got how much you love and care about your son, (though she didn't ask many questions)--I know I did, just reading your blog. Divorce is so hard on kids. (My parents seperated and divorced---so, I understand...) I gather that you live in Nice or near there? I was in France for 18 days many many years ago--in fact, two years after you were born....And actually had to go to a Dentist in Nice....Thank God for him!
I'm glad you have Lover and a new baby coming...I know that does not ease the pain of being able to have your son in your life more, and YOU in his, too, but it is a hopeful thing, new life, isn't it?

Take good care and do let us all know how the Judge "Judged"....

Moni said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my friend across the pond. I hope you had a great day and you will have many more. You deserve all the happiness this workd can give you!!

Warrior said...

why thank you! Welcome Oldoldlady enjoy the read. :-)
Hi Moni, you going to college again? Thanks for the visit, I still remember our chats...

Anonymous said...

Happy berated burpday sir!

Glad you got to celebrate in style! What is Warrior's special sauce or is that on a need-to-know basis? ;)

Warrior said...

Well K8 I could give you the ingredients but then you would have to be at the table eating .........I only divulge my secrets over dinner :0)

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