Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's been a strange summer. All that I could ask for in some ways and yet it irritated the bejaysus out of me. When I look back on my Summer which is not over yet, I realise someone has been in my space since June, give or take 70 days of no time to myself. That was countered of course by getting on the bicycle or trying to go for a run or swim. Result I am fitter at the end of Summer than at the start. Thats ok.
I am carrying some small niggles and hoping they don't blow up on me into something serious.
Lover and my baby girl have gone to Italy, taking with them the wonderful but irritating dog, and the lovely and helpful mother in love, (lovers mother). Boy is in Corsica since August 2nd. I am now alone. I am wondering what effect it has on the system.
I am not in the slighest bit lonely. I have frustrations with where I am at. I am trying to do something about it. Today however I will chill. It's hot, the Mistral or it's cousin is blowing up from North Africa, but gently. So it's very hot. I was raised in a watery sea of green grass. Here it's arid, red rock. Perhaps that's a compliment rather than a conflict, or at least it should be viewed as so.
The future is calling, it's time to start thinking of what shoes to wear for the journey. However that decision can wait perhaps till tomorrow.
Today I will do the opposite of the atmosphere, and just chill alone.


Gillette said...

I spent much of the weekend alone. It was glorious. Enjoy your time.

Warrior said...

I am having a lot of fun already. Hugs Gillette.

Anonymous said...

I love being alone! (Especially in favourable weather) I'm wondering now when I slipped into that territory where I'm afraid to go out socialising. That one caught me by surprise I tell ya.

Warrior said...

I just couldn't be bothered going out socialising. I mean it's really hot here, sitting in a bar with a long walk home in the heat after wards is so non appealing.

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