Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Contracts Egos and Enemies

The last time I wrote here some annonymous person left a nice message. So, it's nice to know that people still read this blog.
My job (thank God I have one), is going okay. I am extremly busy learning new applications. I have taken on the responsibility for a group of volunteers to help improve the communication in the company. Imagine my surprise when someone(a now ex friend), sent an email to me and copied to management, twisting all my words and basically trying to make me look incompetent. In short said person want a share of the responsibility, but being unable to assume the responsibility they already had in the group, and given the manner in which the went about it, I quickly covered my ass by emailing management and telling them I was flabergasted, and then by emailing said person and explaining they got it wrong,(copied to management) then going to see them face to face. I was even more shocked when I was challenged about refusing to share, so, on principle I very politely told them there was no need. Management rang. Shock and amazement, they supported me and then rang said idiot. The feedback I got afterward was in everyway an indication of support but of course damage done, throw mud it sticks.
Now can anyone venture to suggest why someone in a company, who is liked by seniors and juniors, who is doing a job and getting paid for it, and who has little in the way of complaint in life, should shoot a friend in the back for something so petty as a volunteer group?
I am still flabergasted when I think of the complete waste of energy, company time, effort, and not to mention no little stress, it causes. How can apparently nice people be so fucking selfish. Weird.

Any way looks like the Unions and the students won their fight for the retraction of something they didn't want. Now don't get me wrong, I thought democracy was about people and what they wanted and that the politicians elected would give them what they wanted. But apparently like George, there are also those like Dominique and perhaps Silvio who thought it was just the right to cast a vote and nothing more.
Now Dominique really, if people are burning cars and blocking universities, I mean students now, and not the group of people that Sarky sarkozy called scum,...ah I see, this is the great mistake in this story. Someone must of told de Villepin that the protesters knew no better and to push on with the thing. I hope so because if not it has been another costly wasted effort due to one persons entrenched bitterness with the world and an ego so large it appears to have its own moon.

Okay till soon. My son's birthday this week. Life is good if busy. Hugs to you whoever comes to read.

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