Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thousands protest in New York no comment

Des dizaines de milliers de manifestants contre la guerre en Irak à New York

This means tens of thousands of protestors against the war in Iraq in New York. So what I hear you say? Well here is the so what. I got this headline today, April 30th 2006 from a french website that, gives an overview of world news. I read it. It says 300,000 people marched in New York today to protest against the war. I thought that was a significant number myself. So to get more details and perhaps a view on what it means for the white house. I went to CNN, they were covered with George Clooney and Darfur, sure it's a problem, but no protest, no New York. How about Sky News,? Nope not a mention of it there either? Well surely the BBC would post it, after all Jessie Jackson, Susan Sarandon (sexy talented and intelligent, wow),and Cindy Sheehan were there, but no, they had this tripe about the President saying 'Screw them'to his detractors Here

Two things, both right wing presidental candidates of France are fighting it out dirty, investigating, bribing perhaps, and doing everything they can to take down the other. Still the French website shows some thing it believes important. Mainly the march in New York.

Secondly, the English speaking world is being brain washed in Abstentia. The powers that be have decided by not giving us information they think we won't find out. (AHem... some of us can speak more than one language, many Europeans manage 4 or 5.
This is a sure sign that rich and brainy don't necessarily go together.

Thirdly when 'The Leader of the free world'can only come up with screw them, as opposed to a well thought out argument, delivered in a powerful but respectful way, to prove his detractors wrong, well, you know politics has died and America is no longer the land of the brave, except for the 300,000 marching in New York that is.
Susan Sarandon, your man is a lucky one.

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