Monday, April 24, 2006

Rules for what now?

Rules for what now?

It's unusal for me. One of the few benefits I had from my vast religious education (I am being saracastic) is that I heard many proverbs and, the word escapes me, rules of thumb as I was growing up. Even today I still ponder the phrase 'Take the log out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of someone elses'. Or 'Consider the birds, they do not reap or sow..........( an no, to paraphrase Monthy python I am not having a go at the birds now either). However there is one phrase that I never remember accurately, but in brief it means the laws were made for the benefit of humanity, not humanity for the laws. It means, in my humble interpretation, that people are more important than rules. Humanity is more important than structure. Understanding the motivation of someone is far more important than reacting and telling them they are wrong. In other words Justice has it's place but not above that of compassion, tolerance and understanding. If you don't understand, how can you possibly judge? If as the Good Lord is reported to have said, vengence is his, what are we doing with things like the death penality and wars on terror and such? Mute point perhaps and not the subject of this entry.
However what does it benefit a man, or woman, to have all this wonderful insight into humanity and rules, when the people with whom he or she interacts clearly don't have it?
Now don't get me wrong, the adage (ha, nearly the word I was looking for but not quite) of 'Be careful when you point the finger, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you', has been examined and mediated on I can assure you, and.....Yes I am going to point the finger.

I wrote an email the other day. I said I would come up with a report for a volunteer group with whom I am facilitating. (note that word facilitate, it is not the same as control). I received an email from person x asking if there input was still important,and EOB which I suppose is the polite form of saying Excluding Other Business (extremly old bitch, eradication of boys, educated out back???), they would forward me said information.
Apparently the EOB got in the way as this morning there was an email outlining they had not received aforementioned report. No mention of the information they were supposed to send that was supposed to be in the report and hence my reason for not doing it.

I owe money on my card. I am late with a payment. The bank send me a letter asking me to contact them. I ring them explain it will be paid the next day. They send me another letter telling me they have blocked my card and I can't use it and my credit rating is affected or should that be effected?? hmmm I can never remember. They give me a number I go to a branch of my french bank who say they can't do it. I fax my branch and get a call saying its not the right number. I ring Ireland they repeat the number. I ring the lady and tell her the number, broken down into its component parts. She doesn't understand. My french is correct. I am not making an error. She just doesn't understand that I am giving her a number broken down. I say bank code, bank address, account number. She just understands a 20 digit number. So I hang up figure out what is what from a french example and ring back. Same digits in the same order, just all together this time. She understands. I don't

I could go on. Does it really matter if I cut my salad? Does it really make a damn bit of difference if we write in red, or begin emials with a terse see below.

See Here's the rub, I don't like when people are rude. I don't even mean to be rude myself. I certainly can't stand when people are narrow minded and blocked into a routine way of doing things and not able to see beyond the boundaries. I hate it when people tell me there is a way to do it and that is it. I really dispise the games around this that are played too. But at least I strive to understand. I strive to have an open mind and not things personally. I try to understand why people want to control, and have power in this meaningless powerless existence. I try but I don't always suceeed. However when I am asked and challenged to think outside the box, to the consider the possibility that everything is possible, to find a better way than the perfect way which already exits, or even just another way, I cannot refuse. It is these small discoveries that give me my joy in life.

By the way my boy has measles, I never had. I cut his hair really short and his mam doesn't like it, but he loves it. (good, yes I can be vindictive, shock horror) I didn't think measles could be as nasty but open sores on the testicles, tounge and ass are not fun. I guarantee it. However here's a helpful tip. Ice cubes in a towel stop the itching.

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