Monday, March 31, 2008

The Update, or Yolaine 2

I spelled her name incorrectly in a previous post. She was back. We saw her again, From a massive amount of people I am talking in the thousands, Yolaine finally made the cut into the last 27. I was amazed at her energy, pizzazz, passion, her complete transformation once she started singing. I wonder do I transform like that when I sing. No one has ever told me, but my Uncle ( God rest him) once said I sing not for myself but for those who listen to me and I took it as a compliment. Hell I was only 12 at the time.
Yolaine didn't make it to the final. She broke down on her final song. Again my story telling doesn't do justice, firstly she wasn't the only one to break down and by the time she got to sing it was late at night. She was exhausted. She cried. I was a bit moved to be honest. The program continued and we saw her being interviewed. It was make or break moment. The interviewer told her she would not be one of the few going to perform in BALTARD. " Yolaine, tu n'est pas prete".......the interviewer Lio, started to cry. Yolaine was smiling. Frankly she had got further than she had hoped, much further and everything else was a bonus. She was immensely happy. I was disgusted frankly, but after some reflection I saw the reason I was attracted to this lady. No I am not crippled, but I have often over come the odds in my life. I have also, and perhaps too often set my sights very very high, expected nothing and found that anything at all was a bonus. I wonder what lesson is there for me to learn from this? Do I accept my limitations or like Yolaine do I keep pushing the boundaries the limits and forcing myself to the best I can be? No I might not get to sing at BALTARD but damn hell I will do myself proud in trying. Who knows I might even get to meet Yolaine or Lio, who impressed me a lot to, and have some of there energy rub off. I just love people with tons of energy...So just watch it, I know you won't understand most of it, I am not going to tell you what was said but just have a look wait till the end. Remember this is someone who never sang in Public before.

Why are we infested with Moths?

So I have been having a hard time. I spoke to a guy in work the other day I asked him how things were? He told me he had a lot of problems and told me them one after the other. I offered him a swap and told him the story of my lawyer. He was astounded. In brief my lawyer rang my ex's dad ( also a lawyer) got lots of information about me, ended up menacing me with prison, and telling me he only worked for women. I know that sounds weird. Anyhow's ( as a very good friend of mine says), this guy, acquaintance gave me the number of a friend of his whom I have apparently met one night at a party. She is a family lawyer. We spoke, she was one of the most straightforward cut the bullshit nicest people I have spoken to since I got here. She told me what she was doing was normal, I think she was shocked when I told her, yes I used to believe that, but in my experience in this part of the world being nice and generous is not normal. she told me I wouldn't be going to prison, she told me not to worry, she put me at ease. She gave me the number of her best friend, who is going to take our case and disengage the other individual from the process.
I met the best friend today. She is a lovely woman, elegant, professional, still managing to warm and caring while being completely correct, I didn't want to get emotional, I ended up making her boy reminded again this weekend I am not allowed drop him..... I wouldn't and couldn't ever. So now I actually know what my rights are, I know I am supposed to keep all my receipts, I know I need documentation from home. None of this I knew with my last guy. Why are there people who don't give a toss about the lives of others they professionally represent?


Gillette said...

Oh this is lovely to hear. I send hugs and the trusting that all will be beyond well for you and your son.

Warrior said...

I am convinced you are my only regular reader you know. Funny that. At least blogsphere helps me get it off my chest. But in the off that people are interested I keep coming back. Thank you for all your support Ms Gillette. It means a lot to me in this polyglotonus environment :-)

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