Tuesday, January 27, 2009


By the time we got to the hospital, which was a 200 meter stroll from our living room to the birthing ward, Lover was already 4cms dialated. I was thrown out for the epidural.
Every twenty minutes our midwife came in a checked, 6cms 8cms 9cms and into action. It was over very fast. A push and already I could see the hair, another push there was a little more hair, another push and Elisa just squeezed out of her Mother and then with a burst of oceans of fluids of yellows reds whites, my daughter spilled her self onto the bed and into the midwifes hands.
It was 1130pm on the 27th Jan 2009 and Boys sister is born. Lover had some slight discomfort but no pain.
This is the calmest birth one could have imagined or hoped for.
Welcome child, and well done Mother.


Moni said...

A very big Congratulations!! Hope mommy and little girl are doing great. Enjoy!!

Gillette said...

Congratulations to your newly expanding family. Great name. She is blessed to be able to call you Daddy.

Take care, don't forget to rest as all the focus will be on mother and child and you may forget to take care of yourself.

Many hugs..so happy to hear it went splendidly.

Much love your way!

Warrior said...

Hey, I am a Dad again and I can't stop crying! :-) Thank you for your great words and thoughts... Yes I need to remember to take of myself, I stink I haven't shaved and I am starving. Right off to the shower for breakfeast. hihihi.
she is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Collie,
Congrats to the workers. Well done Irene we are all delighted for you personally. Big hugs and welcome to Elisa. A beautifully nice and simple name. Compliments to Dad, you have the perfect family, we cannot wait to see you all.

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